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    592 93
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    5 ft. 7 in.
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    High School
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Fewer words, more action. I believe that this division is the best for relations, since relations are always actions. I'm not interested in a man who is interested only in a virtual relationship. I want real feelings and a real relationship! So then let's cut to the chase. I'm a kind woman a little bit emotional but it is inherent all women, agree? When I feel love around me, I'm ready for everything. If you are ready to give me even a bit in a response than you will get the most caring, loving and sweet woman, if not than a naughty devil will appear. So it's up to you. You decide what to do with a single woman like me. I'm reliable and honest, I have hobbies and want to share my life with an adult man. I'm ready to answer all your questions and share all your desires. Will you trust me even your secret things?

What I am looking for

his part of my profile is so strange. I don't know what I can write here. Why? Because I don't know the man who I will fall in love. Maybe he would be tall, or short, blond or maybe a brunette. But the only thing I am sure, he will be mature and successful person! We cannot search for our soulmate by some criteria, since only the heart decides in this search. I want to find a real man with a strong character who will act for our meeting, love, passion. Only one criterion that should be in my choice its emotional maturity. Before I come to this site, I for a long time analyzed and I understood that here I can acquire what I want so long.