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beware of my warped sense of humor. honestly, if you want to know more about me, i'm "mrtinkertrain6" everywhere on the internet.
Music: general classic rock fan - but i also listen to alternative rock. the nine inch nails LITS tour was the coolest thing i've ever seen..... EVER. but U2 rocked Dallas. there is a special place in my heart for everything Maynard
TV: family guy, arrested development, 30 rock, south park, it's always sunny in Philadelphia, csi (the original only), and yes, i'm the last person on earth still watching smallville - modern family is my new fave. Archer - love it
Interests: I was on Tagged a long time ago, I had a lot of fake friends. I'm back on here, I may be chatty or ask a bunch of questions... it's only because I would like to get to know people and hopefully make some great friends.
Movies: across the universe, 300, heath ledger was off the hook in 'the dark knight', pink floyd's the wall, clock work orange is in my top spot. the spirit wasn't near as bad as everyone said it was. MILK - it's nice to see sean penn play a part where he's not always angry. tropic thunder was hilarious. THE HANGOVER. district 9. A SINGLE MAN.

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